Sunday, December 6, 2015

Goodies - Make 'em or Buy 'em? The Conundrum

Ok, well maybe it's not much of a conundrum - but it actually is worth taking a closer look at:  When it comes to having fun goodies around to munch on (or drink, if you are considering some yummy beverages) - should you make or buy?

There are a few things to consider on this - the first thing that comes to mind for me personally is the time factor.  My idea of having free time is 5 minutes playing a Sudoku game here and there - the rest is occupied, and for me, time is money.  Since that is the case with more and more people these days, I thought I would pass along what might perhaps be a little known "tidbit" - Buying food and snacks online might not have the price tag you are thinking about and of course getting them pre-made requires almost no time - ya just can't say that for making stuff in the kitchen.

And did you know... it can be less expensive to buy food and snacks online because it is pretty easy to find a resource that will provide free shipping - especially with some kind of a minimum order amount.

With all that said - this is the first post I have made on this blog, and it sets the stage for the concept I am trying to convey - sometimes it's just better to buy it (and sometimes not).  :)

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