Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Goodies - Good for the Soul vs Good for the Body

I think everyone MUST have a passion for at least one treat or goody that could be called a "no-no."  In regard to whether or not they are "healthy," there are a couple of viewpoints to consider.

#1 Viewpoint:  Here is the first one, and the one that (per my observation) is more dominant over the other:  "Goodies are bad for you."  (That is perhaps for lack of better wording.)

To elaborate - these are the foods and/or drinks that are talked about by some sort of respected authority as being unhealthy.  To be more specific - they're yummy, but considered unhealthy, and possibly proven to have negative effects on the body - especially when taken on a regular basis.  These are the foods/drinks that people make new year's resolutions about - the ones not to take, eat, drink, etc.  Usually people resolve to not indulge in them, do anyway and then spend time and energy feeling guilty about it.

#2 Viewpoint:  "Too much deprivation is bad for you."  This could also be stated, "Having goodies once is a while is actually good for you."  Again - to be specific here - we are talking about foods and drinks that are well-known as having unhealthy properties to them.  What I have found - and what I have gotten agreement on from my doctor and nutritionist - is this:  If someone is generally eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, their bodies and minds will be able to easily handle some no-no's once in a while.

Please understand - I am NOT saying that eating pizza every day is great because it makes you happy.  That's kind of like saying that there is nothing wrong with a McDonalds McDouble with Cheese - especially ten of them or whatever.  =)

But - it's also not a good thing to go through life forcing him or herself to never have their favorite "naughty" foods.  That's just no fun at all, and without going into great detail I will say this - it's healthier to do it once in a while than not to do it at all.

That's all I have to say 'bout that.

Have a fabulistic day!

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