Wednesday, January 27, 2016

3 Organic Coffee Beans that Provide a Natural Energy Boost

While I am not one to head over to Starbucks every morning of the week, I am the type to have a fresh pot of coffee on automatic brew to wake me up on work days.

I recently took an interest on where my coffee beans came from, which led me to the fact that most instant coffees are packed with additives. I prefer natural, and grind-your-own is the way to go.

From extensive research into what tastes best without the additives, I handpicked three among the best organic coffee beans. These coffee beans are great for a natural energy boost without the withdrawal that comes from false caffeine additives.


Cameron’s Organic Whole Bean French Roast Coffee

Handcrafted since 1978, these coffee beans are great for people who appreciate bolder, darker brews to get their kick-start in the morning.

Coming from Arabica coffee bean farms from all over the world, these beans are roasted in small batches to give them each an organic pop of strong goodness.

The taste is sharp, tangy, and slightly bittersweet—sans chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.


Mocha Java Whole Bean Coffee – The Bean Coffee Company

As much as I love coffee, I am a bigger fan of dark chocolate.

Mocha Java is the perfect coffee for chocolate lovers because there are sweet overtones of dark cocoa with bittersweet undertones of Arabica coffee beans.

Of course, as with most organic coffee beans, these are roasted in small batches to preserve the naturally bold, smooth flavors.

This medium roast is loaded with natural antioxidants, great for giving you a boost of energy. The whole brew is rich and pleasant with an awesome, fresh scent that wakes you right up in the a.m.


CafĂ© Don Pablo Gourmet Organic Coffee – Subtle Earth Organic

I have Goldilocks moments when it comes to coffee -- light roast is too subtle, medium roast is okay, but dark roast is the absolute best.  Or, in the words of the fairy tale blonde herself, “just right.”

These organic coffee beans are rich and deep in bold, strong flavors with fresh aromas to match.

I have been known to chew on one of these coffee beans for a quick pick-me-up, but trust me, they are best ground into the usual breakfast brew.

I also love how each bag of these organic coffee beans come with a list of how-to instructions for making the perfect cup of coffee.


Here is a video "shortie" of 2016's top picks in organic coffee beans - enjoy!  =)

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